Sounds Like An Excuse

I actually planned to give you all a nice heaping of bloggerdom over the last two days. Except the good ol' Medeba Server had completely different plans and decided to knock out the internet for two days. Thus my newfound aspirations of blogging went the way of the dodo bird. Except I don't really know what way that was? I do know that the world wide web decided to take a vacation from Medeba and left me with no hope of starting up a blogging streak. Now, believe it or not but this blog isn't about my excuse for a 2 day absence but rather, for an upcoming 4 days absence. It just so happens, 3 straight weeks of work earns a man a small vacation. I've decided to treat myself to a rather splendid climbing trip to Bon Echo with the ever lovely gang of LDPs. Last I heard, the great outdoors doesn't have internet access quite yet. I'll be redisappearing for another 4 days. Want to know the truth? I don't even feel a little twinge of guilt. I look very much forward to 4 days of no office, no groups and no work. If I have stories of fun then I promises to share.

Before I depart, let me leave you all with this little pearl of wisdom. If you've ever been a fan of Star Wars then do yourself a favour and watch the Revenge of the Sith. Definitely will go down as one of the truly great Star Wars movies. If I was in the city, I'd have seen it 4 times by now. Instead, I think I'll just get Scott to renact the movie for me before I head to bed. I'll provide a bigger review next week when I get back (of the actual movie not Scott's performance).


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