Dishing out the dirt

I'm going to go against usual protocol and actually write a blog pertaining to my personal life. I'm doing this because you the reader have demanded it! Or at least, guilt tripped me about not letting all of you know about my most recent relationship. Now sit back and enjoy a yarn about two crazy kids from a camp named Medeba.

Boy meets girl. Boy thinks girl is real pretty. Girl thinks boy is kind of wierd. Boy talks to girl and girl probably still finds boy sort of wierd. Boy and girl continue to talk and realize they get along really well. Girl still thinks boy is pretty wierd. The author of this blog now decides to fast forward several months. Boy and girl are really good friends and they really enjoy their time together. Or in the girl's case, a really wierd friend. Then a random day in June happend that forever changed the relationship of boy and girl (was that dramatic enough for you?)

Okay, so I've sort of got bored with the boy and girl schtick. I think, we both know who boy and girl are. Katie & Tom. No wait, we're talking about a couple that you guys actually want to hear about and not some washed up actor robbing the cradle. Chris (that's me) & Emily. Anyway, back to the story. So, in June the two of us were hosting together and no, I didn't schedule that on purpose. Shock of all shocks, we got along really well. Really really well. Well enough that when we weren't hosting anymore I found myself missing her. Meal times started to be my favourite time because it meant she would be in the dining hall. Yeah, I'm a sap but that shouldn't be any new knowledge.

June 12th was the official day that I decided to man it up and let her know how I felt. Except I apparently didn't do it in a very manly way. My left foot did a very good job of digging a ditch and my right hand did a good job of peeling off the bark. I was a little nervous but Emily was entertained with my fiddling. It probably didn't help that when she was about to let me know how she felt, a Frenchman chose that time to talk to us for about 45 minutes (though it felt like many agonizing hours). I finally got my answer and I'm pretty sure all of you know what it was. If you don't then you obviously weren't one of the people that were begging me for the details of my new dating life.

Beware some sappy content may be contained: I am in very deep like. I get along with Emily very well. I consider her one of my very closest friends. She is most definitely one of the coolest, sweetest and smartest people I've been blessed to get to know. I look forward to getting to know more about her and to grow closer to her as a friend. Because of her, I learned that it is entirely possible to talk to someone for 6 hours straight and then be able to talk to that same person for another 6 hours the next day. Anyone who knows me knows that being able to carry a conversation is a key ingredient. There you go, I found myself a really amazing girl and I'm very happy to be with her. Hopefully, that's enough info to keep the pleading and guilting down to a miminum. Because I am not going to turn this blog into the blow by blow account of the Emily and Spicer relationship. I'm going to keep that stuff for the paperback.


  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    spicer (chris?) you don't know who I am, but I am Emily's BIGGER, OLDER, INFINITELY WISER cousin sara (no wait, scratch the bigger part, I'm a scrawny weakling but Emily is DA BOMB!) I am FLOORED that on a whim I linked to your blog for the first time ever, and found THIS heart-fluttering tale (I think I hear angels strumming harps somewhere in the background....) And I'm TEE'D OFF - give Em a huge whopping smack from me - for having to read it on your blog instead of getting the dirt direct from her!!! J/K... as Em is MIA from my email land, just let her know there's a hug and a kick in the pants waiting for her when I get into town in Aug :)

  2. yeah... dish the dirt! It's good to hear that you are no longer playing "mr mysterious".
    I'm so happy for you guys! I'm anxious to see you in less than a week!!! :)


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