Going the distance

I come to you today a very sore man. I just did my upper body work out today and my muscles are letting me know that they definitely exist. I've been working out consistently for about 2 weeks now (Emily would know if I'm totally lying about this or telling the truth, then again she wouldn't remember anyway). I do my upper body on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I run about 5 k and work on my legs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I stick with tradition by having Sunday as my rest day. I'm not addressing this topic in an effort to make you all think I am Mr. Fitness. I'm actually probably much closer to Mr. Strawberry Filled Donut. I'm addressing this because I've come to a conclusion today. I push myself and work much harder when I'm doing it with somebody else. I am at my best when I have somebody who is coaching me along and telling me to push to my limits. Unfortunately, when circumstance has me working out alone I find myself much more prone to not push myself very hard or end my work out much earlier. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am blogging about . . . (spiff dandy drum roll)


My question for the day, is discipline something that can be learned? Or is discipline an attribute that a person is born with (like being an extrovert)? Or is it a quality that is acquired through parents ingraining a sense of discipline into a young child? Can a 27 year old slacker gain the gift of discipline? The only way I can think of gaining something like discipline is to well, being disciplined about it. Is the conundrum being realized here? How does one gain discipline? You could have somebody who is your accountability or coach that pushes you but what happens once they have disappeared off to Never Never Land or Podunk, Idaho? If you needed them to push you then will you still have the desire when they aren't there? Or after the pushing from a friend, would a person be more motivated and disciplined?

I guess, it wasn't so much a question of the day but rather, the questions of one topic for the day. Yet another example of me being a very windy young man. Or maybe I would have been able to keep it to one question if I was more disciplined?