Rotten Tomatoes

Planning on going to see a movie this evening? Not sure what is worth your hard earned $10.00s? Do you not trust the views of a lone critic? Do you wish there was a site that would compile several critic's opinions? Maybe even give the film a percetange based off all the reviews? Do you wish I'd stopped asking these questions and instead gave you an answer. Fine, I will. There is such a site and I've used it a few times before picking a movie for the evening. Rotten Tomatoes is a web site that does compile several articles by renowned critics. The site forms a percentage based off all the good and bad opinions. It's a good site, so be sure to check it out. Even if you don't really enjoy tomatoes. Though I still think there isn't much that can beat a fresh, toasted tomato sandwich. That really has nothing to with movies. Mmmmm. . . could I ever go for one now. But I'm off topic, so I'll leave you with the link now.


  1. Spice man, where were you all day today? (Thursday) I was checking around for you with no such luck. where have you and emily gone off to? I shall look for you tomorrow to say goodbye. :(


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