Tour of Frank

There is a big cycling race going on right now. There are a few people at camp that make a really big deal out of it. To some, this is the event of the year. I really don't get the excitement of watching some guys in spandex bike for several days. It sounds like something that I'd rather do then watch. Of course, if I did it I'd die after the first few hours but then again, that sounds like a less painful event then having to watch this thing.

I personally think there is a more important touring extravaganza hitting the world by storm. The very prestigious 'Tour of Frank'. First plus side, it is in English rather then French. That is only a plus side because I'm English speaking and I'm very self centred. Second plus side, it invovles some guy named Frank. Who doesn't love guys named Frank? Come on, I dare one person to raise their hand. I had this friend back in grade school whose name was Frankie. We used to ride our bikes all over the city(ha, I was able to do it as a child). We'd buy 'Big Chew' and stuff it all in our mouths until we choked. Usually we'd wrestle in his basement until we both cried. Then, we'd do belly flops into his pool though we tried to call them dives. Oh Frankie, what great times we had. Though I'm still a little bitter about that time he pushed me off his skateboard because he didn't want me to show him up in front of the new girl. The last laugh was on him because girls dig scars. I had one nasty scrape which isn't really a scar. I'm pretty sure she digged it even if she never talked to me. Despite that, I still love Frankie. Frankie is a longer way to say Frank. Proof that Frank is really cool. We all need a good Tour of Frank.

So, what does this tour consist of? Well, that is the glory of it all. It can consist of whatever you want or need. It just needs to involve some guy named Frank. Or it could be a girl too. I don't know too many that like to be called Frank. More seem to prefer Francine. Though there was that girl called Frankie in the movie 'Frankie & Johnny'. Or maybe the girl's name was Johnny? But that doesn't make sense. I'm not going to bother watching the movie to find out which one is the girl. Then again, you never know when the viewing of a chick flick will sneak up on you. During LDP, I must have watch at least half a dozen. Wow, what a great way to spend your year. I still can't believe I must admit that I've seen a film starring Hillary Duff. Ew. I might almost have to turn my Manly Man Card back in. For shame.

Anyway, Tour of Frank. Be a part of it. You'll never forget it. Oh, and don't push your friend off a skateboard just because he's showing off to a girl. That's mean.


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