Good Bye Ads

I love getting comments. I even like getting comments from perfect strangers. What I really enjoy is getting comments that are actually relevent to my post. What I despise, is being greeted by 3 junk ads disguised as a comment. Man oh man, junk mail seems to have found it's way into every form of communication. Well, I've decided to add the word verification feature to my comments section. Hopefully, that will rid my blog of all useless junk once and for all. Fingers are crossed.


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    HA! My junk ad still got through.
    I'm beyond any word verification...

  2. yeah, it seems to have gotten really bad in the past couple of months. I had to do it too, as you know. I guess it's the new form of tellemarketing, but it's just as annoying as the old one for sure! eh? lol

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