Thank you, Medeba

Those close to me know that I didn't absolutely adore my last position at Medeba. Actually, even those not so close, but possible loyal blog readers, had a pretty good idea that Guest Group Coordinator wasn't my dream position. I want to make it very clear that I still love the camp that is Medeba. I still believe in what it stands for. I consider all the Year Round staff to be close and dear friends. I decided that now that I'm no longer a Medebite that I should put together a little tribute. Tonight, I will list, in a very random order, many of the good things that came out of my year long run as Guest Group Coordinator.

Opportunity to enjoy another year of roommating with the man, the myth, the legend Scott 'Pueller' Martin

Joanne hugs

Fries dates with Pamela

Having visits from the old posse comprised of T-Bone, Hohickey, Angry Mike, Stump & Jared (one of these names doesn't belong)

Having visits from amazing former Medeba staff like Kegal, N8, Katy, Moi, Doralee, Blitz, Lizzy B, Justina and a bunch of other great folks that my lousy memory won't let me remember

Experiencing the vision and passion that Steve Archibald has for Medeba

The wit and sarcasm of Michael

Realizing that I'm 100 times more oraganized then 99.9% of all Youth Pastors in this province (ha, take that my former high school teachers! I'm not the most disorganized man in the world!!!)

Getting to know another year's LDP

Being blessed with the most amazing girlfriend in the universe, Emily (yeah, I'm a sap)

Realizing Ken is one of the funniest and kindest men this world will ever know

Staying over night with the lovely and endearing Baines (Andrew & Pip)

Getting to hear many great testimonies from several Pastors (I mock them but they truly are amazing people to give it all up for God)

Getting the inspiration to pursue a career as a teacher

Hearing Mandy's interpretion of how racoons sound

Finally, getting to know Bruce after coming to this camp for 9 years

Getting to go to Bon Echo (wow, what a gorgeous place and some really fun climbing)

Learning some new office skills because truth is, as evil as the building is, it's a valuable skill to be able to work in one

Realizing Glenda may be the real 'Director' of Medeba

Waking up every morning to a gorgeous outdoors environment

Rock climbing, paddling, and biking whenever I wanted

Being able to spend another year at a camp that will always have a piece of my heart


  1. I really like the one about Glenda being the real director of Medeba hahaha.. i was talking to her about that before.

    candice misses you


  2. Great tribute Spicer - ironically I never did get to know you my LDP year at medeba but we have met on my drive-by paddling escapes to Medeba. I too enjoyed the "real director" comment!




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