Weekend of the fantastical

Sometimes, one can find themselves taking things for granted. This summer, I basically got to see Emily whenever I wanted. If I was willing to walk about 27 steps then I'd probably be in her presence. It was good and I enjoyed it. I realized that I had myself the greatest girlfriend that a guy could ever ask for. I also just really grew accustomed to having her around. I appreciated her but I didn't realize what a blessing it was to have her living on the same property as me.

Now, I do.

The months of September will be remembered as the time I realized how great the summer actually was. How much a man can miss not seeing that special someone on a regular basis. Two weeks apart doesn't seem so bad until you realize that person was used to seeing the other every day. I have and will survive. It has made me really appreciate and enjoy the time that I do have to spend with her. One of the most lovely, beautiful, smart, fun people I've had the pleasure of being in my life.

All this mushy talk to say, this past weekend was a pure joy. It was really great to be able to spend a whole weekend with her. Even if it meant I had to go through the firing squad known as her extended family. Actually, they ended up being really friendly and outgoing. They definitely asked the questions to figure out if I was worth the time of their neice. I can't blame them, she is a good one and deserves a quality guy.

I got to enjoy a fabulous banquet dinner on Saturday. Wow, do I love the Chinese food. Though it could be Thai or Japanese or Korean and I wouldn't know the difference. Other then, the family was using a book that was entitled 'Chinese Cuisine' (actually, I don't think that was the actual title but you get the point). I had to rush through the food because Emily had a big surprise to reveal.

We went to see a play at the Harbourfront Centre. I really enjoyed the theatre. It was small and intimate. Not a bad seat in the house. The play wasn't anything super special. But the company sure was. I definitely appreciated the surprise and gift. We then went for a nice stroll down the boardwalk and Music Garden. All in all, a rather pleasurable evening.

I realize talking about my weekend is sort of against my normal way of blogging. I usually rather talk about the newest toothpaste flavour or how reality television is decaying soceity. Not today. Today, I decided to brag about how great it was to have somebody really awesome in my life. Also admit that I know now how spoiled I was this summer. Now, I'm going to make sure to treasure every time I have with my 'special' friend.

To all my other great friends that I rarely see, you are missed. Thank you for all the great times and memories.


  1. Aww Chris! That was really sweet! It seems you guys had a great weekend. I love that 2 really great people have each other in their lives. Miss you too Chris!

  2. i don't care what any one says, I think you like this emily girl.

    (glad you had a fantastical, amazing, splendid weekend, spicer!)

  3. awww....how sweet. makes me sorta wish i had a "special someone"...oh, did i just say that?



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