Cat vs. Dog

The universal question: 'Which pet do you prefer, cat or dog?' Unfortunately, I've never been able to give a straight answer. I have never been able to definitely pick one cute, furry animal over the other. Partly because I have a family that owns both animals. Mainly because I never bothered to give it much thought. Since being home (without a job), I've had lots of time to spend with both pets. I've now come to a definitive answer. Since it's me typing this post, I'm going to hold off revealing my response until I've commenced with much verbiage.

I'll give my view on each of the two pets along with some observations I've made. I've randomly decided that cats will be the first to be examined. First things first, I originally declared myself a cat lover over dogs. They don't poo where ever they want. They tend to keep themselves clean. They aren't prone to slobber over your brand new vest. They also have that mystery about them where you always ponder what they are thinking (kind of like girls). But then I also realized they are fiercely independant and can be sort of introverted. Though they still like to come around and let you know they love ya. They also seem to be highly intellengent animals.

My discovery, was that I think it's the kittens I adore. They are super playful. They are always curious. They are ultra cute. I'm getting a feeling that using words like 'cute' may once again have me forced to revoke my Manly Man Membership. I like kittens; maybe even love them. When they get older, they seem less likely to want to play. They tend to not mind if you're never in a close distance to them. Which does have the plus side of making them low maitenence.

Now, dogs are very different. They will poop wherever they want. They can start to stink. They don't tend to come off so intelligent. Low maintenence probably isn't the best way to describe them. But they sure like attention. As puppy dogs, they have all the playfulness, cuteness and curiosity(ness) of a kitten. Even when they get older, the playfulness seems to be there but just in shorter spurts. They don't tend to lose the need for attention or company. I definitely wouldn't classify dogs as introverts. They like the people.

Now, I know that some dogs don't fall under this category. Some cats can be full of affection at an older age. I love my cat but it would never allow for the cuddling and snuggling. On the other hand, the Scruffster (family dog) will follow you where you ago and loves to sit on the lap. Others may argue things are reverse for them. In my case, it isn't.

The truth is, I like affection and attention. I love to give it to others. Thus me and Scruffy have been best of pals of late. It's only strengthened my opinion of the doggies. Sure, she needs the maintenence and isn't going to win any Noble prizes. I probably never will wonder what she is thinking (answer is food). She has her charm. I sure appreciate having her to play with and walk during the day. I like her nestling up to me before we go to bed even if she probably doesn't like me rolling on top of her in my sleep. Of course, Storm (the cat) definitely has his plus sides. I like to play with him too until he scratches me to let me know it's introvert time. Plus his 'meow' sound more like 'whine'.

Maybe I relate to dogs more because I can be described the same way. Playful. Cute. Open book. Easily amused. Furry. Drools. Uh. . . that's enough. But yes, I finally have an answer to the question. Dog or cat? Ruff Ruff!!!


  1. i'd have to say i'm more of a "neither" person. I don't like fur; i REALLY don't like fur that gets on me, and I don't want to be jumped on or scratched or purred too loudly at. So I'm an intolerant person I guess...but I would definately say I like SMALL dogs more that cats. I think cats feel they run the world not us. k...i'm done

  2. you need to update your blog pronto. i miss the spicer i used to know.

    it sounds like you're dead

  3. Just don't name your cat Or dog, Molly. Molly will get mad:)!!!!

    By the way, i love your blog spicer. remember me? Kristi

  4. Anonymous11:41 pm

    where are you? COME BACK!


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