I Will Not Go To This Site. . . I Will Not Go To This Site

Hey check out this site I went to. . .

right here

Don't worry it's not naughty. But I need to restrain myself from checking it out anymore or I'll never finish this essay about He-Man. That's right, I am doing an essay about He-man and I will be graded on it.

Back to the site, apparently there is this term known as 'abandonware'. It means that the computer game publisher no longer supports a particular game anymore. Thus it basically means the game becomes abandoned by the company and essentially is no longer considered owned by the corporation (those greedy monsters). The good news for us means the game essentially can now be played for free. That little link will lead you to a majestic land of wonders where you can download a whole gamut of old school computer games. They are just begging for a home where they can be fed, loved and played. If you never played computer games or are in no way a geek, this site is about as exciting to you as a ladybug crawling on a glade of grass. Unless your Leigh because that would actually cause you to totally freak out. Come on Leigh, you know I'm right.

Anyway, I'm not going there because I need not procrastinate anymore today. But you, have my ultimate blessing.