I Have No Shaving Cream

That's a fact. I'm getting myself a very scruffy face going here. Speaking of Scruffy, my dog looks absolutely beautiful at the moment. She got her haircut the other day and there must be someone new because this is the best she has ever looked. I was really impressed. My dog likes to squirm and especially when anything gets near her face, I'm quite impressed she has had the hair shave all around her eye. It's rather nice being able to see her face rather than a ball of fluff. She has a pretty red bow which just makes her that much more darling. Unfortunately, I don't look as nice and I don't think a red bow would help.

I'm a month into school now. It's been feeling pretty crazy recently. Lots of school work while trying to balance working at the Doctor's office. No, I don't have a secret Ph.D or anything. My job at the office is a lot less exciting than sticking popsicle sticks under people's tongues or jabbing them with needles. It allows me to have money which allows me to buy books for school which allows me to do well in my course which allows me to brag. You know how much I need to brag. Thus the job's important.

Haven't blogged in about a month. I really planned on correcting that but seemed to have failed. At least I have 6 courses to put the blame on.

OH! Emily bought me a bike so that I can save money on transportation. Isn't she the sweetest lady in the universe. The answer is yes. Though if your question is if I've proposed yet, the answer is the same as it was the last I was being harassed.

My September is sort of a blur. Can't really remember too much of significance. All that is in my head is scanning medical reports and lots of lectures. Luckily, I do enjoy my most of my courses, though a few would fall under the category of 'Z'. As in it's the course I tend to make a lot of ZZZZZZZZZZZ noises. Actually, I haven't slept in any of my courses which is good because I hear my snoring would made a elephant seem discreet.

Everybody have themselves a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (if your Canadian) and do Americans still celebrate Columbus Day?


  1. negative to the celebrating Columbus day--he didn't really find the "new world" first anyway. Plus,- if we don't get a day out of school for it I'm not celebrating--exception to that rule being Valentine's day--sorry no out for YOU Dave :).


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