Bye Bye Summer

Traditionally, the beginning of the school year is the true sign that summer has officially departed us for the year. How does that work exactly when one did school the entire summer? Of course, once a person is completely finished with the school world and has entered the dreaded work world, it seems rather pointless to use school as the summer measuring stick. Unless of course if you have kids or happen to be a school teacher. It would appear a large portion of the Canadian and American population does seem to judge the length of their summer in this way. Everyone else just uses a calendar.

Despite taking 5 courses over the summer, I still have to declare it a good time. I even got a 3 week break from school in August. I ended up having quite the adventure with Emily. We explored Manitoulin Island and Bruce County. If those names caused you scratch your head then I suggest you use the power of Google. They are pretty common Nothern-ish Ontario touristy/camping spots. Now, if you were scratching your head for other reason then I'd suggest Nix, it is a pretty powerful anti-lice shampoo. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Actually, I should probably hit the rewind button on this recap tale of my small summer vacation. You may say, 'why don't you just edit the above paragraph?' I say, 'stop trying to be helpful.' My blog. My rules. I've decided to go for the rambling theme today. Which means my summer retelling will be all over the map.

Anyway, before Emily and I embarked on our adventure, I actually got to spend a week at one of my most favourite places in all the land. I worked for a week at Medeba. Any loyal blog reader will know I have a very long history with this place. It will always hold a dear place in my heart. It was extra special this time because I got to return to my all time beloved position at the camp. Program Director. Many fond memories of that position and this time it was just as enjoyable. Though it was odd being in a role of leadership for a bunch of staff that had no idea who I was or why I was in such an important position. The staff was amazing and were able to survive my week long reign of terror.

Right after Medeba, Emily and I ventured off to North Bay where some friends had a cottage. It was what would fall under the 'relaxing' category for how a weekend was spent. A nice change from the crazy and busy atmosphere that is Medeba. Of course, I am partly saying this because I wasn't one of the people that slaved over the stove and prepared a Breakfast for several hours in the very late evening/early morning. I also got to talk to one of Emily's lovely friends who happens to have a strong love for writing. I always enjoy talking to her about writing and often I come out of it really motivated. Can't you tell? My 3 weeks of no blogging must be such a strong sign for my renewed passion. Oh well, at least my sarcasm is strong and healthy.

And now ladies and gentlemen, we are back to where we were several paragraphs ago. Was it worth the ride? Anyway, it was a really great week of camping, exploring, hiking and adventuring. Both Emily and I have some really great stories to tell. But any great writer leaves the reader with wanting more. Since I am a wannabe great, I am going to do just that. Keep tuned in and I'm sure I'll give that week the prose and attention it deserves.

Anyway, I am in the school computer lab. I can definitely say summer is over. I am excited to be here. I look forward to many of my classes. I actually am finally going to read my first Harry Potter book since it is a required reading for a course. I've gone a long time without reading a single line from those books. I'll finally see if it warrants the hype. I am surprised to see how many students are not happy to be back. It must be the age difference that causes one to appreciate school much more. I really do enjoy my time here. Though my current strategy of overloading my course load has caused me to slightly look forward to the end. My time here definitely has inspired me to continually pursue learning and education for the rest of my life.

With that folks, I am calling it a blogging day. I hope to try to keep this going at a pretty regular basis. I'm going to shoot for daily but I'll be happy if I get something up once a week.


  1. I too am enjoying school and really do concur that it is an age thing. Be separated from school for awhile makes a big difference, especially if this time you know what you want to do with it. It's a whole different outlook on life I think from an age where you're future is very real to you and you look forward to it as opposed to just living in the moment of college stupidity.

    P.S. tell me if you like Harry Potter--I love it and am totally addicted--it's just great fiction.


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