Happy Halloween!!!

At 29 years old, I don't think I can get away with dressing up as an Ewok and snaggling some candy from a few houses. I still get a kick out of all the cool costumes kids dress up in. Making a Jack'O'Lantern is a blast no matter what your age. I will just have to wait until I have kids of my own to dress up and parade around the streets. Then maybe I can mooch half the candy off them. Afterall, too much sweets aren't good for you. I would just be looking out for them. Anyway, hope everyone had a frightfully good day.


  1. Anonymous9:04 am

    i watched the raptors beat the lowly sixers. it was great! happy halloween! i love this game.

  2. I have two years left (including the one that's already in swing, and that includes my intern semesters). So yeah, things are busy, but I still try to make time for the fun stuff--otherwise-what would life be like??? Stress--all the time--that's what. I'm a back procrastinator sometimes though. I waited until the day before to do my research paper this week--BIG MISTAKE! 6 hrs later still sitting at a computer in the library--NOT fun.

    ...and to answer you're question--YES, absolutely.

  3. YOU'RE 29!?!?
    I think you're officially one of my oldest friends.
    Ok, that's a total lie.
    I apologize for lying.
    Please still invite me to your wedding.


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