Not A Time To Be A Cleveland Baseball Fan

Cleveland must not be a super jolly place to live right now if you're a baseball fan. Not only is there all the drama with the team mascot and team logo being pressured to change, but the team now can be labeled as chokers. If the Indian name gets scratched, maybe that can be the appropriate new name? Cleveland Chokers??? It isn't too bad. Definitely doesn't have any racist connotations anymore. For the logo, you can exchange the feather for a noose and change the colour from red to blue. Seriously, blowing a 3-1 lead has to be absolutely heart breaking. I am just glad I was too young to really properly experience the Blue Jays monumental blowing of a three game lead against the Royals back in 1985. I am now predicting, there is going to be another party in Boston after the World Series is completed. I will probably care as much as I did the first time. At least, they probably won't make a lame romantic comedy about it this time.