Nothing Changes

So, the referendum did not pass and the Liberals remain in majority power. A day after what was to be a major vote for Ontario and it is almost identical to before. Though they did not get any seats, the Green displayed a mighty good showing in a few of the ridings. It gives me hope they have a chance in the future. Did my voting preference show through in that last sentence? Does that choice really surprise anyone? Of course, my preference towards the Green Party probably reveals that I was for changing the voting system. I believe it got shot down by the voters mainly because a huge majority did not really understand it. Plus people tend to not really like change. I think if it was better explained and truly promoted during the election that it would have had a better chance. Oh well.

I have to say, voting time is a period where I realize that I am quite different from my parents. They're pretty staunch conservatives thus often favour the PCs. It is rather interesting to realize how radically different we are in many ways. It is the same world but we view it very differently. The comforting thing is that despite the major differences in these areas, we still really love each other. We still get along really well. It is a sign that people with different views and opinions really can live in harmony. Maybe this crazy world still has some hope?