Top Ten Reasons To Procrastinate

10. Why do it today when it will still be there tomorrow?

9. Free Cell

8. I heard on CBC news that most text books contain the deadly skin eating virus and it is best to avoid all contact.

7. Wine and cheese are said to only get better with age, so why can't that apply to assignments or tasks?

6. It has been said, that it is the challenges in life that allow you to grow and be a better person. What type of challenge is there in doing your assignment several weeks before the due date?

5. Youtube. Internet's version of crack.

4. My alter ego is taking up all my time. Fighting crime can be very consuming.

3. The voices in my head tell me to. They are also saying to stop picking on Britney. Oh wait, that is just some crazy girl on Youtube.

2. It isn't procrastinating. Just pacing. Really slow and methodical pacing.

1. I could tell you the number one reason but I think, I'll wait until another day.


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