Merry Christmas!!!

I have survived the weeks of attrition that was this past month of essays, exams and applications. I can now resume to seeing my world through rose coloured glasses. Of course, it is always easier to have a cheery outlook when it is Christmas time. I love this time year and always have. Though, as a chid I couldn't even get a wink of sleep on this particular night since I was so anxious for the arrival of Santa. I can now get a few more Zs during the night but I still get almost as excited as I once did. It is just a very happy and pleasant time when you really get to enjoy and appreciate your family. Though of course, it is always good to spend time with the ones you love but Christmas just seems to have that magic feeling about it. Everything just seems to be that much more special and wondrous.

I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful and merry Christmas. Be sure to let the ones you love know how much they really mean to you.


  1. Anonymous8:19 pm

    merrry merrrry

    let us get together sometime this week (the first one in 2008)

    i believe there will be festivities on new years eve if you are looking for something to do.

    otherwise, maybe wednesday or thursday or friday?


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