I Thought This Semester Was Going To Be Different

Apparently, I was wrong. So much for sticking with New Year resolutions. I had hoped to blog on a semi-daily basis this year, as well as be way ahead in my assignment. I have failed on both accounts. Once again, a horde of papers are attacking me on all side and I really only have myself to blame for it. These next few weeks should be pretty wild and not in the Disney G-rated way. There will be lots of violence. Maybe some crying.

On the plus side, I have a house and a cat. Or more accurately, Emily has a house and I'll be occasionally squatting in it. But the cat, I lay at least half claim to him. Probably his right half because I find the ear on that side particularly intriguing. I could spend hours gazing and contemplating its wonder. Well, not really. I haven't actually given much thought to the cat's ears. Though I do know he has them.

Anyway, back to my pathetic attempt at combating the horde.


  1. I amazed! I just checked your blog out of habit and there it was--A NEW POST! amazing :). Glad to hear you're hanging in there. I too am enjoying procrastination, although just for the moment considering it never lasts long enough :). Hope to hear from you more often!

  2. Anonymous1:39 pm

    hey chris! found your blog via dave w.'s links section. glad to have found you!


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