Forget Christmas, This Is My Favourite Time Of The (Every 2) Year(s)

I am Christopher Spicer, and I am an Olympic lover.

I know, being a fan of the Olympics isn't as cool as it once was. There has been mass protests against the last two Olympics, both having to do with human rights issue. People get frustrated that money is be siphoned off into a 2 week sporting event, when they feel it could be used better in other places. Others complain that the spirit of the games have lost out to consumerism due to the massive corporate sponsorship. Despite all those negatives, I am sure it will still do great television ratings. People will still be talking about it at work. I am sure 'Olympics' will be one of the most googled words over the next two weeks. It may be hip to be negative on the Olympics, but when the time comes, the magic will still be there. People all across the world will be enjoying one of the most exciting two weeks in sports.

Yes, we can reflect on a lot of negatives. We can talk about how it is a high security risk. We can talk about how there is corporate logos sprawled all over the venues. We can talk about how First Nation land right issues are being ignored and will probably continue to be during these games. Actually, it is really easy to be pretty negative.

For once, I am just deciding to ignore it. I know ignorance isn't really the best thing to aspire to, but my goal is to really enjoy these next two weeks. As a Canadian, there is a lot of pride that the games will be held here. It is our chance to show the world how great of hosts we can be. Reports say that the popularity of Canada has taken a hit with most major nations, thus it is time to recapture that popularity by showing how amazing we are. I am sure the opening ceremonies will be spectacular. I know the competition will be outright thrilling. I am choosing to enjoy an event that encourages competition and comradery. An event that allows us the opportunity to display the great multiculturalism and diversity of our nation (probably the most diverse in the world). A chance to not only have pride in my country but to embrace the greatness of every other country. A chance to root for the underdog nations that may only have one competitor in the entire two weeks. A chance to be like that young boy again, who saw his first Olympic, and has been in love with them ever since.

And of course, like almost every Canadian, I'm just hoping we can reclaim the Gold in our sport, hockey.