The Hottest Item To Soon Hit Stores Everywhere. . .


Oh okay, it is a cat in a bag. But there are boxes in that bag and the cat is sitting on them (which I realize is different than a cat in a box). For the record, Crosby sat in that bag without any help or encouragement from me or Emily (or even Summit). Sitting in things is sort of what Crosby does, and as you can see, he does it well. I decided I should post this picture since Crosby was getting a little jealous with all the Summit love on this blog. A blog that is not going to just become a place for pictures of my pets, I promise. I actually have some pretty cool stuff planned over the next long while (just matter of actually writing the 'pretty cool stuff') Enjoy the rest of your Saturday be it watching Olympics, throwing things off a bridge, doing pirate impersonations next to the mirror, chasing squirrels while brandishing a eaten cob of corn or whatever makes your Saturday extra pleasant.