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Obedience Training Is For The Owner Rather Than The Dog

We took Summit to training tonight, which he hasn't been to since November. This is not due to neglect on our part but rather the fact the place we went to has been closed since that time. The problem was that not enough people were coming thus it wasn't financially feasible to keep it open. They've decided to give it another chance and I could not be happier.

Summit is a very obedient dog, mainly because he is a breed that is all about trying to please their owner. He almost always stays near us even if we have him off leash. We have a few issues with him but tonight was a great chance to get more tips and strategies. It was also a night when I learned that Summit is a perfectly obedient dog and it is his owners that need to be trained. It was a good opportunity to figure out what we need to do to get the very best out of him.

The other reason that I really like going to training is the chance for him to be socialized. There is a variety of breeds there and he interacts with them all (even though he seems to want to just play with his brother). Being surrounded by all these dogs causes Summit to get a little crazy and thus a great chance to try strategies to get him to listen. Summit is almost always obedient when we have him alone but it is with distractions that he provides a challenge. This is a great place to work with him where there is a lot of distractions but also know it is a fairly safe environment -- since they don't drive a lot cars inside a building thus little fear of him being hit if he runs off.

It was a great night and look forward to more Thursday training sessions. I came home a very proud father. Summit probably was just happy that his owners were finally catching a clue. It takes me a while but eventually I start learning.


  1. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Lucas Spicer via Facebook:

    awwww... babyyyy! i'll be home soon - or rather - my leg will be home soon; dont you worry.

  2. Summit can hardly wait to see his 'Uncle's leg.


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