Top Ten Reasons For There Not Being A Blog Post Tonight

10. A SuperBowl Hangover aka my aging body can no longer handle a mass digestion of copious amounts of junk food.

9. I am boycotting my blog in protest of the lack of oatmeal hats being sold in the marketplace. It is all a conspiracy by the man trying to hold down the little people.

8. Too busy watching Jack Bauer making this world a better place by killing Russians. Well, I am not in support of the killing of Russians, but at least, these Russians were really mean.

7. Hitler, because I've learned he is always to be blamed.

6. I was reminiscing of the good old days, when I'd go 2 years without blogging rather than this whole blogging every day garbage.

5. There was a rabid llama roving about in my office, I really did not want to risk having to endure its herbivorous rage. He might start chewing on my hemp pants. Well, if I had hemp pants.

4. Doc showed me this Delorean that went back in time, then I ended up in the 50s where my mom had this crush on me. . .no wait, that was Back to the Future. Never mind.

3. Summit mistaken me for a bone, and buried me beside our shed. Ignore the fact that Summit doesn't bury bones but rather eats them instead. Hmmm. . .maybe that is it, I was eaten by Summit but he ended up being allergic, so luckily I came out again. Your welcome for the visual.

2. Off doing Brantford's hottest new hobby, smashing down things that look old, but it backfired, as a herd of 6 year olds started pelting me with mini eggs.

1. Hmmm. . . seems like I ended up blogging after all.