Top Ten Reasons I Am Currently A Zombie

10. Olympics. No, I am not blaming the amazing athletes for turning me into the undead but rather the awesomeness of the Olympics is causing me to not go to bed at a decent time, and when I've been getting up at 5am for work, I need to be going to bed before 11:00 (which is not happening).

9. The scanner of pure evilness. Again it really isn't the scanners fault but since that machine is the major part of my full time job, then it gets the blame for now. Normally, I take Wednesday off to concentrate on writing but because of Family Day, I decided to work thus I am feeling an extra dose of the lethargic.

8. The really bad zombie bite on my right thigh.

7. I actually am Batman. Playing the double life is beginning to catch up with me because it also means I am Bruce Wayne. It is really hard playing three people.

6. My spirit was connected to the Heritage building on Colborne street, thus their impending demolition is causing my soul to be vanquished thus rending me into this state of Zombienia (which isn't a word).

5. The major lack of writing outside of my blog for the last few days. I actually feel reinvigorated when I am able to get writing done but a full time job and the Olympics have crushed the 'writing time' I had once enjoyed. One could argue that just means I need to manage my time better but I then threaten to eat your brains (because I am a Zombie).

4. I've been reading too much Stephen King, thus taken the form of a monster that would fit perfectly in his imaginative world.

3. Nazis because they ALWAYS must be blamed for bad things that happen to me (such as the car accident I was in about 12 years ago).

2. The complete lack of seeing my buddies over the last many months. I feel a Slum House reunion is in massive order. Actually, a Medeba/LDP reunion is even more overdue.

1. It wouldn't be a Christopher Spicer number one if it wasn't a complete and utter let down. So, what anti-climatic choice can I come up with? Cows. I blame cows. Mooooo.

Yeah, so not in an epic blog writing mood but couldn't stand the thought of ending this nice streak that I have going. Hopefully, I'll have something better tomorrow.