Top Ten Reasons This Saturday Will Be Splendid

10. There is not a single medical record on my desk. There is a lot of papers on my desk. I should probably get around to sorting them and putting them away so that I can see if there is actually something underneath all this. I do know for sure that there is not a single piece of paper on this desk that needs to scanned. A day where I don't have to hear the hum of the scanner, is a fantastic day for me.

9. Lots of time to play with my 'boys'. You may have caught the hint on this blog that I really love my pets. Saturday is a perfect day to cuddle them or 'roughhouse' with them. It is also a chance to do some training with them, and I must say, they are both very obedient (yes, even the cat despite his history of being behind bars).

8. There is snow outside! I know some folk are ready for spring to arrive at their doorstep, but here in Brantford, we haven't had anything resembling winter for most of the season. This was the first week that the snow stuck and I had something that needed to be removed from our driveway (which would be snow, we haven't had a drunken hobo problem). This means that snow related activities have been kept to a minimum, but finally, some snowy goodness can be had (which probably means I end up just watching it from the window while pointing at it).

7. The medals will continue coming Canada's way. Despite the massive amount of whining that has been coming out of these Olympics, I feel they have been absolutely spectacular. I believe all Canadians should be proud by the performance of our athletes (as for non Canadians, you should be proud of your athletes performance as well). Being Canadian, I am super pumped that we have the most gold medals right now and I have a feeling that the medal haul will continue today. Oh Canada, indeed.

6. There is free time to do some writing. My head is crammed with lots of short story ideas that are just begging to jump on to my computer screen. Plus I have some ideas for articles that I would like to try shopping around to some magazines or websites. Of course, none of these have much value as thoughts in my head, thus I need to actually complete them (at this point, writing them seems to be the best strategy since I misplaced my wand). I am hoping for some moments of writing productivity. Or at least some procrastinating while thinking that I really should get to the writing.

5. I am going to seek out buried treasure. Because it has to be somewhere, so why not in the woods near my house. Besides if there isn't buried treasure then why did that family sporting eye patches and peg legs move into the neighbourhood?

4. I am still in pajamas. I realize this won't be for much longer because apparently, we are going out(something about actually being active and enjoying the day). I think any day that I can go this long in pajamas can be considered a splendid day.

3. I ate noodled and wieners for lunch. Because apparently, I am still a 10 year old boy and that kind of thing makes me happy.

2. I read some funny comic strips. See above.

1. I get to spend the day with Emily. I've been married long enough to know that my wife needs to top a list.


  1. sorry i have missed most of your previous recent blogs--there was a time i check daily--but then you didn't blog for a year so i kinda stopped :). Thanks for stopping by mine by the way- I shall restart reading yours--you might even get added back to the links portion :) Miss you guys!


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