Toronto Star Short Story Contest

I've made it clear that my current goal is to be able to achieve a career as a full time writer. Obviously, this is going to force me into actually acquiring some time management skills, which is about as strong as my ability to fly. I'll just say, I don't have any plans to be jumping off my roof. Though being able to fly would make the job of taking down the Christmas lights much easier. These next few months will be quite the juggling act with holding a full time job along with looking for a teaching job while also trying to get any kind of paid writing work. I know it can be pulled off but also probably means a few less nights of wasting time by throwing mashed potatoes up against the wall. I'm sure Emily is glad to hear that hobby will have to die a quick death.

Anyway, the first step towards making this writing thing work, is to actually find possible writing opportunities that allow me to get my name out there. It just so happens that the Toronto Star is running their annual Short Story contest. The winner scores $5,000.00, gets their story published in the paper and earn a scholarship with Humber's creative writing course. I'd say it's a pretty sweet deal, especially since $5,000.00 is a lot of money for this type of contest. I think the best thing about it, is that I learn to work with a deadline and submit material while risking rejection. Rejection is inevitable and I mind as well risk it in a contest with several thousand people. So, this will be my first major writing project and I'm still trying to hammer out a story. I find the hard part is actually making my story short enough to fit into the 2,500 word limit. Anyone who has read this blog regularly, knows that 2,500 words is not a hard limit for me to exceed. I'll have to try to limit my verbal diarrhea.

Anyway, I know this is a little short notice since the deadline is February 28th but I wanted to encourage others to enter this contest as well. I think, it will be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it is limited to Ontario residents but I'm sure for people out of province, there will be similar contests for your area at some point in the year. Here is a link for all the contest details.

I had actually planned on doing a totally different blog post tonight, but I was pretty wiped after work and decided to save it for possibly tomorrow. The sneak preview is the post is about some major issues that are happening with the Brantford Downtown and I'll throw in my opinion on the matter. So, look forward to a good old fashion Spicer rant tomorrow.