We Will Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program After This Brief Interruption

My blog posts have been on the minimal side this week, despite the fact I was able to keep them daily (I haven't missed a day since I started back up -- though admittedly before that, I took a two year hiatus) This week, I was trying to focus on a short story for a contest plus a few small (possible paying) writing pieces which essentially took priority over 'book length' blog rants this week. Eventually I hope to master the balancing act of blogging and working on other writings, but at this point I am in the extreme novice category. Though I'm hoping to quickly move up to the intermediate category and get some rather consistent paid writing work (I should go outside and see if they grow on trees), when that happens, I want to be able to balance my blogging and my other writing. My goal is to be able to keep this blog running for as long as possible, but of course, my even bigger goal is to actually make a career out of my writing. In the end, paid work will always win out over this non paying blog. Though, I am not sure why I am addressing this issue considering I don't have anything lined up for paid work right now (thus there probably won't be too many weeks like this). Maybe if I keep on talking about it, work will magically appear? Yeah, probably as likely as Summit cooking me breakfast in the morning. Though just in case, I would love blueberry pancakes, buddy.

Anyway, I wanted to address why the blog wasn't rocking the words this week and make you aware of the main reason of why this blog could have other less 'rantish' weeks. I am going to go feed the scanner now, it is hungering for some confidential documents.