When 'Super Bowl' May Be A Fitting Name

For years, Super Bowl had this label of being an overhyped mess. I remember through my childhood being told by my father how the AFC and NFC conference finals were the real good games, and the Super Bowl was just a formality were the 'real' champions routed some schmucks in a uniform. The Super Bowl is definitely one of the most hyped events of the year and probably the biggest sporting event of most years (this year it has a little competition with this thing called the Olympics). The hype usually pays off as it almost always has record ratings, though one would wonder how much that ever has to do with the game. In the United States, you have these million dollar commercials that probably half the people tune in to see, the reality is, the commercials are often more anticipated than the actual game. Of course, in Canada we only get about a quarter of these commercials, then are forced to either see those same commercials over and over again, or forced to watch some tired old ones that aren't worth many millions. Up here, unless you have an American satellite, you actually tune in for the game.

You know what, I am actually really stoked for the game this year. I feel it has the potential to really live up to the title of Super Bowl. I am still not sure what a dish that holds cereal has to do with the game, but other than that, it should be a really exciting game. First of all, this past decade has produced a lot of really awesome Super Bowls thus the stigma of bad games is slowly being erased. On top of that, there is a really great match up taking place here this evening.

There are a lot of interesting factors that make this such an exciting game. You have the two best QBs in the league going against each other. You have two teams that can score a lot of points but also have a strong defense. I also think you can really create a great and emotional story when comparing the two teams. You have the powerhouse Colts who many are saying are destined to be a 'dynasty' team. They already have one Super Bowl championship from the previous decade, and many can foresee more in the near future. On the other hand, you have the perennial underdogs in the Saints, a team that has not only failed to win a Super Bowl but has never even been in a Super Bowl. Tonight, they have the chance to win the first Super Bowl they've ever been in. This is a team that has been the butt of many football jokes, they are the laughingstock of the NFL (sort of like the Cubs of the MLB). This is their day to erase all that. If being such huge underdogs isn't enough to root for them, remember this team is from a city that faced massive tragedy only a few years ago in Hurricane Katrina. They could use a big boost like this. The reality is, despite having the 'underdog' label, they are a really great team and have a real shot of winning it tonight.

I will admit, I am cheerting for Saints. It isn't just because the Colts previous Super Bowl win was against my beloved Bears (okay, maybe a little). No matter who you want to win, I think, we can all agree we want a great game. I feel, this year these teams will definitely deliver. So, grab a bowl chips and get a cold beer, and enjoy yourself what should be the game of the year (or at least, game of the week).