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Canadians' 'True' Crowning Olympic Moment

Canada won a record setting 14 golds at the Winter Olympics, but despite this amazing performance by the Canadian athletes, all that medal success wouldn't have been as sweet if it was not for medal 14. Was it that important for Canada to break a record? No, it was that important to win the gold in Men's Hockey. Many Canadians are very passionate about hockey, and probably have a sense of ownership of the game. They definitely do not like it when other countries can prove they are better than Canada, especially if that country is the lovely neighbours of the south. I think the mass celebrations across the country after last night's win, pretty much proves how important that game was to many Canadians. This was the gold medal that meant the most. I'll have to admit it was pretty sweet being able to avenge that loss against the States. It also helped that it was an absolutely amazing game with the perfect, nail biting ending. This will be a game that many Canadians will remember for a very long time.

I wanted to do a proper, extensive retrospective on the Olympic games but this day has been incredibly looooong and I am very much on the exhausted side. My goal is to have an epic Olympic retrospective for tomorrow's post, and to have an even more epic sleep now.


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