The Latest Tune to Seep Into My Head and Refuse to Leave

But I am okay with that because Mumford & Sons produced a very enjoyable song in "Little Lion Man." I don't know what makes a little lion man (though I won't let his littleness fool me) or even who Mumford is or why his sons appear to be the same age as him. I do know this is a very catchy tune and they are one of the best 'new' groups to send sweet sounds into my ears in a long while. I have only heard this one song from them but I do believe I must try to catch more of their musical musings. Of course, if you're checking this out on Facebook you'll have to venture over to the physical blog to catch this video.


  1. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Brad Dickinsonvia Facebook:

    Chris, without even stopping to think about it- go buy the whole album. It is really quite amazing. I purchased it 2 days ago on the recommendation of a couple friends and am thoroughly impressed by Mumford and Sons. It will be an album I will listen to many times for years to come.

  2. I believe that I will have to follow your advice. I really like this song and if their other stuff is able to measure up than it sounds like it will be a musical feast for my ears.


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