Maybe This Will Distract You From a Lack of a Posting

Here is the understatement of the century: Sometimes I get distracted. I am pretty sure Al Gore invented the internet for the sole purpose of making sure I get distracted on an almost daily basis. The evil internet is successful almost every single time when it dangles its tasty carrots over my nose. I cannot resist its lure and seductiveness. Yeah, I am pretty sure I am mixing my metaphors because carrots aren't really known for their seductive powers. But there was that myth that they were great for your eyesight, and with great eyesight you could see something or someone being seductive. So, maybe I am not mixing after all? Hmmm. . . remember when I was talking about the internet? Well, it distracts and one of its evil minions that aid in the distracting is a site known as Sporcle. It is a website that is full of tons and tons of quizzes that ranges from numerous topics such as sports, movies, history or science. I suggest you check it out unless you don't want to be distracted.