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'The Office' Taught Me Tonight That If You Can't Find Your Friend's iPod Then You've Got To Redo The Cabinets

The Olympics are over, thus it is time for scripted television again. 'The Office' kicked things off right with an one hour episode, which also happened to have the birth of Pam and Jim's baby. I have to say that 'The Office' most definitely brought the awesome this evening with some of the funniest stuff this season (and it has been a pretty good season in my opinion). I loved how Michael was essentially taking almost full responsibility for the birth of the baby, especially when he was talking about how the baby should be birthed at the office since it was conceived there (which isn't actually true but who ever listens to Michael anyway). One has to love when Michael asked if anyone thinks it is fair that Stanley gets two lovers and of course, Stanley promptly raises his hand, or when Michael asked who was single and Ryan raised his hand while Kelly was wrapping herself around him. Of course, it was great when Michael was trying to play matchmaker and thought Kevin would be a good match with Erinn despite the fact it is obvious she and Andy like each other (of course, Michael seemed to take credit for them hooking up at the end too). I love the fact Dwight wants a baby for an edge in business. Only the Office would create a sweet moment between Pam and her baby only to have it revealed that she had the wrong baby. I could spend paragraphs proclaiming the awesomeness of tonight's episode of 'The Office' but instead will encourage you to watch it if you decided to skip out.

They also did some good set ups for future episodes, and I think the stories will click for the final stretch to the finale. I am also interested to see where Sabre, the company that bought Dunder Mifflin, fits into everything. It also looks like we'll have a return to the Dwight and Angela disaster relationship.

I've also apparently missed an entire episode of 'The Office' without knowing it. When was Jim stripped of the co-manager position? And they sell printer ink, now? Anyway, it was a great episode and I am looking forward to many more.


  1. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Love "The Office" - it's so random but what I love is that despite the characters' idiosyncrasies and, often, crudeness, every now and then we see their redeeming qualities. Jim and Pam ground the show with a bit of sanity. One of my favourite episodes is the one when they script and perform their own Dunder Mifflin commercial pitch - "the journey of paper."


  2. Anonymous6:35 pm

    I just watched that episode this weekend. I loved this episode, especially when Pam was nursing some other child. LMAO that was hilarious! Oh I love The Office.


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