Today is a Good Day to Dance in the Rain

Or sing in it. Unless of course, in your part of the world you do not have rain. Outside my window, all I see is rain upon rain. Actually, that is a total lie. I also see houses and a road and mud and trees, but they are all covered in rain. That I know. Despite this rainy day, I actually am going to venture out of the house and head off to the wondrous city of Toronto. We are meeting with a friend this afternoon, then will enjoy a concert in the evening. It should be marvelous. But these event can not begin until I decide to slip out of pajamas. Which I will do now. Thus no in depth or insightful blog today. Instead just an excuse as to why I threw assorted words together and claimed it to be a paragraph.

Here, to make it all better I'll give you a picture of my 'boys.' I know this is the real reason you go on this blog anyway.