Why I Am Not Aspiring To Be A Computer Programmer

I've spent way too much time and pulled way too many hairs in a vain attempt to do some minor tweaking on the blog. I say 'minor' but anything with such an adjective should not take up several hours of a person's evening. Though it probably doesn't help that my strategy for fixing my current dilemma has been to do the same thing over and over, while occasionally yelling at the screen. The screen yelling probably isn't very fair considering it didn't do anything, but I was hoping it would pass the message over the HTML. The head ache inducing experience has been confirmation that my calling in life is not as a web designer or anything that requires me to do too much programming. I'll keep my typing to actual words and sentences rather than a seemingly random concoction of symbols.

Anyway, my latest headache has to do with my attempt to get my 'extreme tracker' functional again. Apparently, when I decided to overhaul the blog on Sunday evening, it messed up the programming on the tracker. Now, I just have a pretty little icon that doesn't actually tell me how many people are coming to the site. You see, I need to know how many people are coming to the site because I have an ego to feed. You wouldn't want my poor ego to starve, would you? Anyway, it looks like the one way yelling match with my computer screen will have to come to an end because it doesn't seem to be solving much, other than stopping me from getting a good night's sleep. I may have to admit defeat.

I should actually do a post tomorrow that isn't my venting and rambling about the cosmetic changes of this blog. Because I am pretty sure you don't visit this blog, just so that you can read about how pretty it is (or in this case, mean).