Happy (End of) Earth Day!!!

To celebrate this glorious day of Earth, I ate delicious chicken wings and gulped refreshing beer with my beautiful wife. I would say it was a Earth Day well spent. I also spent a large portion of the day with my close and personal friend, the scanner. I glance at the clock and realize my next date with him is very soon. Actually, so soon that I really shouldn't be awake right now and typing these very words. No, I should be in sweet, sweet, sweet slumber.

Yes my readers, this is about the third straight cop out post this week. I blame it on a life. Or at least, distractions that seem to be dancing all around me in this life of mine. Like tonight, I watched Survivor and The Office. I still can't believe I've been hooked by a show that I successfully avoided for about 10 years (Survivor). I have to admit the Russel character is very intriguing and I was quite impressed in how he completely owned poor JT. Though, it is looking like we've got an interesting conflict approaching between Russel and Pavarti. Two amazing manipulators and players who eventually will have to collide. As for the Office, C is for suspension -- who needs school when you have educational shows like that? It was another hilarious week, as it appears this series has really returned to greatness with this season.

You know what else is great? Sleep. I am going to do that now.