The Holiday Festivities Continue

I had an absolutely wonderful day with my side of the family yesterday. I enjoyed a delicious meal of turkey and played a rousing game of Balderdash. It was really nice being able to hang out my brother, who I haven't seen since Christmas. Today, we are venturing off to Toronto to partake in family fun with Emily's side. I am sure it will turn out to be just as rousing and delightful.

To properly kick off this Easter Sunday, I also orchestrated a Easter Egg hunt for Emily, though she was assisted by her loyal companions, Crosby and Summit. Though it seems I hid one Easter egg a little too well because it is still residing in its place of hiding. I just hope it is not discovered on a hot August afternoon, because melted chocolate goop is highly overrated.

Anyway, I am off for a day of revelry and glee, but I wish you a fantastic day too. Be sure you have yourself an orb shaped chocolate to celebrate the day. Or maybe two or three.