Jewel, Pop Star?

How did I never hear about the train wreck that was Jewel's foray into pop music? Apparently, in 2003, Jewel knocked her head really hard and started to think she was Britney Spears. She then released her first, and I am sure only, pop album. I didn't mind her original album, Pieces of You, back in 1995, but I never bothered following her much after that, since her music isn't quite my style. But I would have thought, despite my lack of Jewel fandom, I would have still caught a glimpse of Jewel's embrace of short term insanity. It may have been during a time I was venturing into the great north and was completely isolated from all things pop culture.

Anyway, here is a music video of her song Intuition, which I only discovered today but has apparently been around since 2003. I would say this may be the definition of career suicide (except she is now still kicking as a country musician). Unless you think a 30 year old doing a young Britney Spears impersonation is the ingredient for instant success. The saddest thing is, I am pretty sure this isn't supposed to be a parody of a pop song, but rather an honest attempt to break into the genre.


  1. this song was actually pretty big--I had never seen the music video though--it's pretty bad

  2. I am sure the song was just a matter of being played on stations that I tended not to listen to. The video, I can't see myself ever being able to block out that hideous, abomination.


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