Now You're A Man

Back in the days that I dwelled at Slum House, we had a song that we all considered the anthem for the place. Any time the song was played, we had to instantly drop everything so that we could sing along and pump our fists to the beat (it's a good thing we rarely were carrying crystal glassware or babies -- some reason, neither frequented a placed called Slum House). This wasn't necessarily a song that most females would consider an anthem or want to rock out to (i.e. not the song we played when wanting to impress the ladies). It sort of bordered on being a little offensive (some might call it sexist because well, the lyrics are a little sexist). But for a place that was inhabited by a bunch of males in their mid 20s (and again the place was called Slum House), it was the perfect anthem.

Maybe I should actually mention which song this is? Well, it was a little diddy called 'Now You're A Man' and was played by a band I've never heard of since called DVDA (I can't bother googling to find out what that stands for). To give you an idea of exactly what type of song this is, it was the opening theme to a movie called Orgazmo. Yes, the movie was called Orgazmo. No, I've never watched it. Apparently, Orgazmo is some kind of superhero in a purple suit. That is about all I care to know about the plot. If the title isn't bad enough, the film was written and directed by Trey Parker. And who is Trey Parker, you ask? And if you did have to ask, then this movie definitely was not created for your pleasure. Trey Parker happens to be the co-creator of a little cartoon series known as South Park.

I think, that is enough info to give you an idea of what type of song was deemed the Slum House anthem. And now, since I am pretty excited that I actually found this song, I am going to present it for your listening pleasure. If you are holding a baby or a priceless vase, you should put them down. It is now time to pump your fists (or completely skip this video because my description alone offended you).


  1. Big Tim10:59 am

    my fist was pumping as i listened my man...good find


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