Random Post of Randomness

So, I officially proved I will end up being one of those parents that panics once my child gets a runny nose.

But then again, who really wants their child's nose to run away?

Do not feed house cleaner to your pets. It doesn't make their breath smell better, but it might do a good job of decreasing the amount of pets you own.

To the techies out there, does Facebook have any application where after you post on your blog, the title and link comes up on your status, much like you can do with Twitterfeed?

I am very close to stopping the importing of my blog on to Facebook, especially since my last upload has been Sunday's post. It appears the Facebot is stuck in a building trying to push the pull door.

I asked this on Twitter but it is a really important question. Who would win a sprint between Fat Albert, Jabba the Hutt and Grimace? I have a feeling that Jabba's underworld connections may come into play.

Then again, Grimace has the entire McDonaldland team on his side. Don't mess with those crazy fries or the Burger Mayor.

I've won like 5 coffees since Roll Up to Rim has started. Is it sad that I am actually proud of this?

I actually planned to write a totally different and more coherent post tonight, but life wanted to occupy about an hour that was supposed to be for writing.

I'm thinking my 5am wake up is enough reason to end this blog. . . NOW!