Ribs v. Wings: The Eternal Debate

Every once in a while (for some, that means every 2 hours or so), the majority of North Americans have a craving for some delicious and unhealthy bar-style food. When it comes to good bar food, nothing is better than the type you have to eat with your hands and make an absolute mess of your face. Because when you've already had seven beers, the best thing is to handle objects that are dripping with sauce and can easily slip from your grasps (and make you look like a Community Cable clown). When it comes to saucy foods that are definite no-nos when you want to look good on a first date (but are so tasty that you can't resist anyway) then it has to be ribs and wings. Of course, for ribs and wings to work, it must be absolutely engulfed in delicious sauces. Nowadays, it can't be any better to choose these messy and unhealthy food atrocities because there is literally over 50 types of different flavours you can choose from (though, most common establishments probably only have 5 or 6); this is very different from my high school days when you essentially had BBQ, Honey Garlic, and 'Have Snot Shoot From Your Mouth and Sweat Rain From Your Forehead' flavour. In Brantford, I know we have at least two places that specialize in wings and have a plethora of different kinds that range from Indian Butter, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and even Cinnamon (and about 45 other kinds that I decided to skip mentioning). Though I don't know any places that specialize in ribs in Brantford, I do know there is countless bars that will serve various types, and outside of Brantford, there are several places known as rib establishments. This is definitely the age where you can enjoy the sinful. sloppy, bar foods known as ribs and wings.

But it leaves you with the question, which one do you choose?




Mmmmm. . . so tasty.

Of course, make sure you have a napkin available.

What do you mean that I should carefully screen my Google Image searches?


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Mel Doner via Facebook:

    wings.... hands down.

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Matthew C via Facebook:

    Which is good for "being the gift"

  3. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Derek Smith via Facebook:

    This is the exact reason they come together, you don't have to choose.

  4. I know, but then I wouldn't have had any reason to write the blog post. How would I have been able to justify showing a picture of a Maxi Pad without it?


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