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Songs I Don't Want To Admit I Like But I Do

I've always had a lot of friends that really appreciate music, and some would be properly described as being passionate about their music. I'd go as far as to say some would even be considered music snobs, and would defiantly thumb their noses in the direction of any music that didn't fit their specific taste. I say all this, to make it clear that I am far from being such a snob, or one who isn't open to various types of glorious music. It also means that my tastes may not be as discerning and refined as some of my friends. But I still had to hang out with them and survive, so I may not have been as open about some of my less stellar song choices when around them. This has lead to me having a few musical favourites that I haven't openly shouted to the heavens for all to hear. This can be considered my very public confession of some musical numbers that I've very much enjoyed.

1. "I'll Be" - Edwin McCain

If one looked through my CD collection in the late 90s, this person would find an assorted collection of Grunge Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Rock Rock. What you would not find is Love Pop (a term I just coined this exact minute). This would be for two reasons, one, I wasn't really too ecstatic to pay to hear an entire album of such music, and two, I'm pretty sure my best friends would have stuffed me in the locker for such a music crime. Despite all these facts, this very lovey and extremely poppy (as in pop music, not the flower) song found a way to sneak into my brain. It has been there ever since, and cause me to have moments where I hum it through out the day (usually, when I think I am alone). The worse part is, I am positive the first time I heard this song was when I was watching an episode of Dawson's Creek. It is a good thing when I hang out with my friends now, there isn't usually a locker around, because I'd be stuffed for sure. After being stuffed into that locker, I would most definitely need a crying shoulder.

Edwin McCain "I'll be"
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2. "Follow Me" - Uncle Kracker

When I dwelled in the bowels of Slum House, there was one thing we all knew, and that was we hated Kid Rock. It was believed he, along with Fred Durst, was the epitome of the new Rapcore movement that we despised. We all agreed that no good could ever came from Kid Rock or any of his evil minions. No way, would we ever listen to any music by him or someone that was associated with him. We would rather soak ourselves in gasoline and then light a match, because torturous death was far better than letting his tunes waltz into our ears. Oh by the way, Uncle Kracker is a friend of Kid Rock, and was a part of his band, before he went out on his own. This was his very first single. No, I don't have a gasoline can nearby, and Emily doesn't let me play with matches.

3. "I Can't Help Falling In Love" - Lick the Tins

It is very likely that the majority of readers have never heard this version of the song until now. This song actually was at the top of the UK charts for two months in 1986. In North America, it landed a spot on the 'Some King of Wonderful' soundtrack, which is the only reason I know about this song. Of course, admitting that I absolutely adore the film 'Some Kind of Wonderful' would probably open me up to way more teasing than my open enjoyment of this song -- or the fact, I'm a big fanboy of '80s teen comedies especially the John Hughes variety (which the movie is both). As for my reason for liking this song, it is probably a combination of it being associated with a movie I beloved when growing up, and the sprinkling of Celtic rock in the song. I am a sucker for good Celtic rock (whatever that is). For the super observant, this is a cover of the Elvis Presley song that I danced to at my wedding, so now I have a totally new reason to appreciate this song.

4. "Baby, I Got Your Money" - ODB

If you are easily offended, or if you despise profanity, or not able to handle sexist lyrics, or do not feel like yelling, "Wow, I totally think less of Christopher for liking this song", then please do not click the play button on this video. Because this song is probably the inspiration for many conservative right or parent groups' vendetta against rap music. When they talked about music that was polluting society, I am sure this was at the very top of the list. The whole time people spoke out against the awfulness and offensiveness of this song, I was totally grooving to it. The interesting thing is that when I was the biggest fan of this song, I also happened to be the Youth leader at a church and was running a drop-in centre. Not really something I bothered bragging about to the parents, since I preferred they didn't see me as the spawn of Satan. I don't know how many times my roommate and I would close the door of our bedroom and have 'dance parties' with this song as the centerpiece. Yeah, I really dig this song but there might be a good chance you will hate it and hate me for liking it. So, don't hit the play button unless you know what you are getting into (if you do know, then we can groove out together).

5. "Safety Dance" - Men Without Hats

I lied. I absolutely never hid the fact that I loved this song. This was one of the first music videos that I ever watched, and I instantly thought it was one of the greatest creations known to man. The song is super catchy. How can you not love a video with a little, dancing jester? As a kid, I loved it because it reminded me of something out of one of the fantasy stories that I adored. I always imagined that right after the video, a giant dragon came in to burn down the village. But it was successfully defeated because the people had the power of dance. If you look down at me for absolutely digging this songs, then I only have this to say. I can dance if I want to, I can leave my friends behind, 'cause if my friend don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine. So there.


  1. thoughts from the globe-trotter file2:01 pm

    did you know that the little, dancing jester was an Ewok in Star Wars as well as Jabba the Hut's tail?

  2. I actually think I did. Or at least, I am now claiming that I did. I also think he was in a cult classic from the 80s known as Time Bandits (which I also loved as a kid).


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