Sounds I Hear in the Office

The scanner buzzes.
The computer hums.
The keyboard goes click-clack.
The stomach growls.
The male yawns.
The birds -- well, it is unknown if the birds exist, because they can not be seen or heard from the cavernous hole.
The halls remain silent.
The papers crinkle.
The scanner buzzes (again).
The male yawns.
The outside remains silent (or so it seems from this region).
The scanner buzzes repeatedly.
The male continues to yawn.
The head thumps.

So, these are the noises I hear. What do you hear?


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    You're going to hear the phone ring, but you will choose to ignore it.

  2. I never heard the phone ring, but I blame it on being in the room with the phone not connected to the private line.

  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    I hear a phone which never stops ringing, a co-worker who continually complains and hip-hop music coming from next door.


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