Sundaes Are Better Than Sundays

But that isn't to say that Sundays are not valuable and good things too. Especially Sundays that have wonderful weather and allow lots of time to spend with your family. And yes, a family can consist of a married couple and their two pets. Let's not be too picky about our definitions here. The best part of having pets instead of children is that they are less likely to have a debilitating drug habit that you have to sink thousands in for their recovery. Summit's nasty habit is that he tends to pop balls in less than five seconds after you've given it to him. Luckily, said balls are usually only worth a dollar from the dollar store or found in woods by the rail trail -- so it isn't the biggest loss in the world.

Back to my point, I love a good Sunday but on an average, a Sunday just can't compare with a good sundae. Though I am sure the very best Sunday ever can easily defeat a sundae in head to head competition. At this moment, I am not eating a sundae but I am eating ice cream, which makes for a good way to end this Sunday.