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6 Ways To Rock The Long Weekend

Why six instead of the normal and more accepted ten? Well, in Ontario, at least, we often call this weekend May Two Four (because apparently, everything here needs to be related to beer in some form), and using my math skills acquired from Grade 1, I quickly deduced that two and four equal six. You see, I am trying to be entertaining and educational.

6. A case of beer. A group of guys. A shotgun. The deep woods. Because it isn't the long weekend until someone has lost a foot.

5. Travel. Because nothing says 'an enjoyable long weekend' more than spending 19 hours in a parked car on the highway, drastically trying to find a way to mask the decaying burger meat smell, arguing that it was the other person's job to pack the sunscreen, realizing the constant downpour may not cause much skin burnage and secretly wishing you stayed home to watch 'Friends' reruns.

4. Work. Actually, this is no way to rock a long weekend, but I thought, I needed to at least try to make the poor schmucks who work on weekends feel better. Of course, insulting them with a derogatory term is a little counter productive to that goal. Oh man, a server is totally going to be spitting in my soup now.

3. Finding buried treasure in your backyard. Unfortunately, I won't be doing that this weekend. It isn't due to the fact that I don't have buried treasure because I assuredly do (there must be a reason that Summit is obsessed with clawing up our lawn). It more has to do with the Emily enforced ban on digging holes in our property.

2. Try to win a Gary Busey look alike contest. Because if you can't impersonate Gary Busey on the long weekend, then when can you?

1. Do anything you like, but make sure you do it with those who you love. Yeah, I'm going to choose that one.


  1. well i laughed at no. 6...and i concur with no. 1...cheers and happy long weekend.


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