Ahhh! It's A Cyclops Dog!

Oh no wait, that is just Summit. For a minute there, I thought we had just entered the apocalypse and it was the end for us all. Though if it was the end, I couldn't have asked for a much better weekend to go out on. I celebrated my Grandma's 95th and was able to see 5 living generations in the family (which is really spectacular when one decides to ponder on such things). I assisted in the formation of the brand new, backyard gazebo -- any time I even sniff in the general direction of a structure being constructed and it does not lead to outright devastation, it is a very successful accomplishment -- thus I am proud of the free standing gazebo (even if most neighbours would credit Emily for its assemblage). We got to cap off our Sunday by visiting with friends from Medeba, many of whom I haven't seen since my wedding -- which is a ridiculously long time to wait before seeing someone again.

The weekend was good. Though the best part was the fact we were not attacked by a cyclops dog.