A Contest With An Orc, A Clown Sweater, And A Flying Unicorn Kitten

You may read that title and say to yourself, "This is proof that Christopher Spicer is a weird one." I respond to that, "You're right, but this above title wasn't inspired by my own thoughts of insanity." Oh no, they from a rather awesome picture, a picture that is the basis for a rather cool writing contest. The awesomeness that is the picture, and the details of this just as awesome contest can be found here.

See! Didn't I tell you that picture is the real definition of awesome. Oh, I think I hear you mumbling about my weirdness again.

Speaking of weird and awesome, I spent the day at my parents with them and my siblings (along with Summit and Emily). It was a fantastic time of chicken devouring, zipper doodling, murder mysterying, chit chatting, and Farrah Fawcett. Basically, all the prerequisites of family fun and revelry. But now the day is done, but I hope yours was fun.