The Epic Failure of a Sweeping Argument

Over the last few months, I've encountered one of the silliest and asinine statements from several usually highly intelligent people. The statement is never worded exactly the same, but the general sentence goes like this (with the help of some handy paraphrasing): "What I hate about the Liberal Left is that they will make broad and sweeping attacks against all Christians whenever a small group of Christians commit an atrocity, but when scientists outright lie than there is no sweeping attack against all scientists." Now, here is the game boys and girls, what makes this such an error ridden composition of words? Need a clue? I'll give you three reasons for its spectacular failure.

First of all, isn't it kind of funny that one would complain about sweeping attacks against a certain group by then making a very broad and sweeping accusation against another group? I personally don't see wisdom of criticizing a certain action, but then committing the exact same wrong. This statement is presupposing that every single liberal enjoys leveling attacks against Christians, and then, allows a bunch of evil scientists to make up lies in order to further the destruction of mankind. Okay, maybe I jumped a few steps, but I enjoyed making the visual picture of crazy haired mad scientists creating a 47 foot death ray to cause an Earth explodination (unless of course, the world gave in to their demand for. . . One Million Dollars! Muhahahaha). Despite my own flare for the dramatic, the reality is, a broad and sweeping argument/attack is almost never a wise or accurate one. That is even if it against those nasty, puppy eating Conservative Rights.

This directly leads to my second problem with this statement, which is the very huge assumption it makes. It is assuming that a Liberal person cannot be a Christian, and that a lot of science is very anti-Christian. I do know there is some groups of very conservative, evangelical Christians in North America that claim that liberals are causing the decay and destruction to morality and all that is right. I recognize that for some people who consider themselves Christian that some liberal views are directly opposed to what they believe are Christian values. The reality is, a liberal can be a Christian, just as much as a conservative can be an atheist. It seems extremely presumptuous for one to believe two views have to be opposing for everyone just because they seem to be for one's self.

Actually, there is probably a pretty fair argument that the 'founder' of the Christian movement could be considered a liberal (or at least have some views that are commonly associated with the liberal side). Jesus often talked about caring for the poor or making sure needs were met for the under privileged. This fact almost makes you think he would have been in favour of welfare or socialist like programs. He definitely showed signs of being progressive or at least, conflicting with the more traditional Pharisees. Plus Jesus often seemed to spend a lot of his time with groups that were looked down upon in the society such as women or harlots or tax collectors (which is so different from today, where everyone loves the people who take our tax money). I am not trying to create my own blanket statement by stating that all conservatives today are violently against gays or 'pro-choicers' but do you think Jesus would really waste his time trying to promote laws that limit these groups rights? I recognize some of these statement may be seen as controversial (okay, probably just the last), but my point is that Jesus could possibly have views that fit under a liberal banner, then it seems rather silly to claim a Christian couldn't be one.

The notion of science being in opposition against Christianity (or any form of religion) is the most ridiculous argument. I understand it is a belief that is held by both sides, especially in relation to the Evolution versus Creation debate. The reality is, it isn't a belief that is actually grounded in fact. Science and religion have got along for centuries. Actually, originally most 'scientists' were ordained ministers who wanted to learn more about the world around them and believed these discoveries would allow them to grow even closer to God. A fact that is often ignored today, many of the first major advances in science were brought forth by Muslims, and these religious men felt that the progression of science was a key part of their beliefs. Something that is rarely mentioned by most groups today, most Christians had no problem incorporating evolutionary biology into their faith, but rather just believed God was the catalyst who started it. Even though there seems to be friction between science and religion today, it is important to note that science and religion has been very harmonious in the past, and many religious people have promoted and aided in the progression of it.

The final reason I dislike and disprove of the original statement, is that it victimizes a clearly majority group. There seems to have been a trend in the last many years that a few people from large, majority groups have taken to making themselves seem like the victimized minority. I've heard a few Christian groups who have complained how the government is favouring gays thus destroying apparently important values for Christians. Or that the country is compromising the faith of Christianity in order to appease other religions. The problem is that while these few individuals try to make it seem like everyone is out to destroy their way of life, they seem to neglect the important fact that they are still the majority of North America. Compared to the 1950s there may seem to be a lot less individuals who are Christians, but there is no disputing that there are still way more people who would consider themselves some form of Christian compared to any other form of belief. Though it may help persuade some people to give sympathy when playing the poor victim card, it contradicts the simple fact that this is still a society that works with a predominantly Christian mindset. It just like the small group of white males that complain there aren’t any jobs or opportunities for them, because everything is being handed to minorities. I can totally see what they are talking about, look at all the CEOs of large corporations or look at the Parliament or even just watch TV for an evening, because it is so hard to be able to find a white male in any of those positions. The victimization game might seem fun, but it doesn't really work when one holds all the powerful positions in the country or have laws that they had implemented and put forth.

Now, did I end up committing the same mistakes and fallacies that I levied against the mysterious owners of the dissected statement? I do want to make it clear that I do not think most Christians believe the above statement nor do they see themselves as victims. Rather this is a statement that is put forth by a very vocal minority. I feel it has been yelled enough that some have started to believe this is how many Christians feel. Or even worse, it has started making some believe this statement has some value and truth. Hopefully, I showed why this statement and beliefs like this belong in the category of epic failure.


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