I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Hoping You Had the Mother of All Days

Because I'd have to say that my day was mighty fine. Though the initial plan was to take Summit on a delightful hike through Rattlesnake Point, we ended up neither hiking or rattlesnaking. Instead, we spent a lovely afternoon with some good friends, while being introduced to their brand new baby daughter. Even though she stuck her tongue out at me for most of the time I was holding her, I am pretty sure she thinks I am very cool.

It is late, and seems like a good time to call it day (though, it's more like night now). I hope everyone had a fantastic time and did something nice for their mothers (and if you're a mother, then hopefully nice acts were bestowed upon you). I actually did nothing for my mother today, but that is mainly because I took her out for lunch yesterday. The good vibes from that deed would have carried over into today, and she would have had pleasant feelings encompassing her for the entire day. Or she just spent the whole day wondering if I can properly read a calender.

Anyway, I hope it wass grand, and your day was probably better than poor Summit's, who was under the impression he was going for a hike but instead spent it in a stranger's backyard.


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    Matthew C via Facebook:

    likes this.

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    Molly Palmer via Facebook:

    huzzah! genius!

  3. I know, I am even scared by my sheer brilliance


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