In Honour of 'Wear Deodorant Day'

Actually, today isn't that particular holiday to my knowledge, and for most past the age of 13, you probably should wear it every day anyway. But I wanted some shabbily, constructed excuse to pop on one of the most defining songs for my early teen years. Or at least, it moved me out of my MC Hammer parachute pants (or more accurately, my desire to have a pair) and into the 'oh so' fashionable plaid shirt over the concert t-shirt. But why did I come up with an absurd day like 'Wear Deodorant Day'? Because if you don't wear it, then people might start saying it. . .

So yeah, this blog now officially plays way more music videos than both MTV and MuchMusic combined. Though this particular video was played probably about a hundred billion times during the early to mid 90s. Some may say that Nirvana was overrated or that they weren't your style, but everyone has to admit that they were one of the most significant forces to define teenage culture for a good portion of the 90s. There may have been more talented or longer lasting rock bands from the 90s, but almost all of them can credit some of their success to the path that was paved by these guys. Nirvana spawned grunge rock as a mainstream entity, which was the controlling genre for rock for most of the decade. And to be honest, I still find myself craving a little 'angsty' rock from time to time, and will have no choice but to pop in my Nevermind album. When I do that, I most definitely do some rocking out (sans plaid shirt because Emily made me throw it out).


  1. I think listening to Emily is a really really good idea :)


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