I have been entertaining you with hours and hours of delightful and enlightening words, but I haven't even thought to give you a bathroom or food break. So, since I am always about providing for the needs of my reader, I will now give you a much needed intermission.

Oh yes, the classic drive-in theatre cartoon that is practically begging you to throw down some money for overpriced snacks. I remember them very well during my younger days, though usually my family ignored the request and consumed smuggled popcorn instead. Though they failed to entice us to buy their goods (or at least my parents, as I'm sure I was more than willing to spend their money on the snacks), the tune did remain in my head for the next 20 or so years.

I do know one thing for sure, I would have pleaded even harder for my parents to buy treats if they had been grown on a magic mountain. I sure don't remember the concession stand looking like this. . .