I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

MSG Is Hounding Me

Today would be one that could be deemed very successful.

I successfully got out of bed without tripping or banging my head.

I successfully dressed myself rather than committing any accidental acts of streaking (neighbours and small children don't seem to appreciate Human Yeti sightings).

I successfully gorged upon a 'Royal Feast' of (Canadian) Chinese food at lunch, to the point where I was able to avoid needing dinner.

I successfully achieved a way to not have to do laundry at my parent's house much longer(black magic???)

I successfully assembled a compost bin in my backyard, which may not seem that impressive but then you don't know my 'handy man' skills. Sure Emily constructed a shed from scratch but at least my contribution took 10 minutes rather than 10 months.

I successfully annoyed my wife with the above statement (or so I assume).

I successfully hit a birdie over my fence, which lead to a lovely conversation with a lady.

I successfully (I think) scared the above mentioned ESL lady, but was still able to get her to retrieve an item that was lobbed over her fence (though, not the previously mentioned birdie).

I successfully lived a very wonderful and pleasant Saturday.

Despite all these successes, I feel the vile and evil MSG pound away on my poor, little body. Maybe that fifth plate of Chinese food wasn't necessary???